This page contains news of proposed changes and additions to the New College Chorale’s website.

This is your website so please think of ways in which you think the website can be made more interesting and useful and I will try and oblige.

I have made a number of changes across the website to add more information about the Chorale for potential new members and members of the public. I have also tidied things up into more logical groupings.I am also considering to providing links to relevant sites such as the  Parish of Hadley Holy Trinity & Wellington Christ Church website, links to websites where music files can be found and played (e.g. John Fletcher Music) and, possibly, other local choirs.


I have renamed the Newsletter page Newsletter & Posts as it is the intention that Chorale members will be able to post messages about any aspect of the chorale here. I will also post comments about any future changes to the website or Home Rehearsal Resources here.


Melody Player

Music files for Melody Player are now on the new Melody Player Downloads page at the top of the Home Rehearsal Resources menu.