Here you can download a music file to your PC and play the music whilst watching progress on a copy of the score ! You can adjust the volume on each staff (e.g. turn up the Alto and turn down the other voices or instruments) in order to isolate your part and then add the others back in when you are ready. You can also adjust the tempo (without changing the pitch)  to practice those difficult twiddly bits. You can also start the music at any point (twiddly bits again ?) and play that bit over and over.

You will need to download a piece of Software called MELODY PLAYER to your PC but don’t be alarmed it is from a reputable website (it’s the same people who provide the software I use to create all these music files) and it’s COMPLETELY FREE WITH – NO STRINGS ATTACHED !! It will work on PC and MAC but not, alas, on tablets and mobile phones.

Download it from here:-

Then download any of the files below and give it a try. Due to overzealous automatic security applied by the website building software you will need to rename the files after you have downloaded them and before you can pick them up with Melody Player. They will download with a .mid extension (e.g. Paukenmesse – Kyrie-myr.mid) and you will need to rename them with a .myr extension (Paukenmesse – Kyrie-myr.myr). When you do this you will get a warning message that the file may become unusable but you just ignore it and select YES.

Paukenmesse – Kyrie-myr

Paukenmesse – Gloria-myr

Paukenmesse – Qui tollis-myr

Paukenmesse – Quoniam tu solus sanctus-myr

Paukenmesse – Credo-myr

Paukenmesse – Sanctus-myr

Paukenmesse – Benedictus-myr

Paukenmesse – Agnus Dei-myr