Welcome to the New College Chorale’s home rehearsal resources.

Home Rehearsal Resources are music files which can either be played on this site with the  built-in music player or downloaded to your favourite rehearsal device (PC, mobile phone etc.).

The music files and/or links are grouped into the commoner choir voices (Soprano 1, Soprano 2, Alto 1 etc.) which should be selected from the Home Rehearsal Resources menu. On each voice page, each piece of music for a particular event can be selected and will play with the relevant voice emphasised. There is also a page for All Voices where all voices play at the same volume with none enhanced and can be used when you are confident with your voice part and want to rehearse with the rest of the choir voices. The All Voices page will also contain YouTube videos of various pieces where I have been able to find reasonable recordings.

Please visit your voice page for music in 2018.


There is also the facility to download music files to be played with Melody Player a free music player which will play the files held on the new Melody Player Downloads page and follow progress against a copy of the score. See the Melody Player Downloads page for details.