This page contains music files for each piece of music to be sung at a particular event. Each music file plays all voices but the Alto 1 voice is enhanced.

Click on the piece you want to play and the music will start. The small arrow on the left of the play bar will change to two vertical bars and you can click on this to pause the music if necessary. Volume can be changed by sliding the light coloured bar on the right of the main bar just after the small speaker icon.



Ad hoc online rehearsals

The additional piece from The Armed Man – “God shall wipe away all tears” is available with the rest of the suite at the Choralia link below.



June 15th 2020


Jenkins – The Armed Man, Faure – Pavane, Whitacre – Sleep and Lauridsen – Lux aeterna

The expanded Armed Man suite (includes newer additions not in our score) is available on the Choralia website here: –

the Pavane here:  – BUT BE AWARE that bars 47 & 48 (“Faites attention!”) have migrated from the Soprano to the Tenor in this version.

Sleep here:

and Lux aeterna here:


You can also find the Beatus vir and The Ground (Part of the Sunrise Mass) on the same website should you prefer to use those – just click on the home icon (little house) and then the MP3 icon to access the list of .mp3 files.

If the “Choralia – donate” screen pops up you can ignore it and continue as I make an annual donation anyway.

I also have New College Chorale versions of all of the above should we decide on a New College Chorale arrangement.


Don’t forget to check out the videos on the “All voices” page – particularly the 3 (yes three) versions of Sleep.