This page contains music files for each piece of music to be sung at a particular event. Each music file here plays all voices at equal volume with none enhanced. Once you have practiced using the music enhanced for your voice on the relevant voice page (Soprano 1, Soprano 2 etc.) you can use the files here to get used to the rest of the voices and picking up your entries from the other voices and orchestral backing where provided.

Click on the piece you want to play and the music will start. The small arrow on the left of the play bar will change to two vertical bars and you can click on this to pause the music if necessary. Volume can be changed by sliding the light coloured bar on the right of the main bar just after the small speaker icon.

There may also be a YouTube video for some of the pieces following the relevant play list and these can be played by clicking on the small arrow in the middle.


April 21st


Mozart Benedictus sit Deus

Music available on the Choralia website. Copy the address below and paste it into your browser:



Download and play music

To download any piece below as an .mp3 file to your computer to play offline, right click on the title and “Save link as”. To download to your mobile phone, tap and hold the title and select “Download link”.

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