This page contains music files for each piece of music to be sung at a particular event. Each music file plays all voices but the Alto 2 voice is enhanced.

Click on the piece you want to play and the music will start. The small arrow on the left of the play bar will change to two vertical bars and you can click on this to pause the music if necessary. Volume can be changed by sliding the light coloured bar on the right of the main bar just after the small speaker icon.

November 25th & 30th 2019


The Walmisley Magnificat above does not separate out the quartet in bars 106-121(first 16 bars on page 6) so, if we sing with a quartet and you’re not in it, then don’t sing that bit !

The Purcell Magnificat above doesn’t separate choirs from part choirs – as rehearsed.


Tomas Luis da Victoria: “O quam gloriosum”

All Saints, Second Vespers, Antiphon to the Magnificat – cf. Revelation 7:9

O quam gloriosum est regnum,
in quo cum Christo gaudent omnes Sancti!
Amicti stolis albis,
sequuntur Agnum, quocumque ierit.
O, how glorious is the kingdom,
in which all the saints rejoice with Christ!
Arrayed in white robes,
they follow the Lamb, wherever He goes.



Bob Chilcott – On Christmas Night

This can be found on the Choralia website here:-





February 17th 2020

Eric Whitacre – Five Hebrew Love Songs

You can find rehearsal files here: – but, if you prefer, there is a New College Chorale set below.


I checked the rough  pronounciation guide for the complete work below during the excellent and helpful tuition we had and, although it doesn’t appear to use international phonetics and therefore still a bit open to slight interpretation,  agreed with what we were taught and should still be useful as an aide memoir.



There is also this video on how to pronounce the above:


PS: If you enjoy Eric Whitacre’s work you may like this: