FREE – via Zoom


When – April 5th starting at 7:15pm

You will be able to join us on Zoom from 7:15pm for an actual start at 7:30pm. Timings will be fluid throughout but we aim to finish at 9.00pm. There will be a short interval of about 10 minutes, depending on how things are progressing.

If there is enough time we will also sing Hassler’s O Sacred Head now wounded and Ubi caritas by Ola Gjeilo. The score and New College Chorale’s practice files for O Sacred Head now wounded can be found below with the Faure score and link to Faure practice files but the Gjeilo Ubi caritas will be an exercise in sight reading from a score which will be shared over Zoom. As only you will hear yourself it is an absolutely “safe” environment to practice your sight reading !


How – over Zoom

As this will be over Zoom it means that, due to unavoidable and indeterminate time lags caused by many people singing/talking at the same time, you will actually be singing to yourself and won’t hear other people but will sing along with a professional performance of the piece(s). Links to YouTube videos of each movement of the Faure can be found at the bottom of this page as well as a YouTube video of Ubi Caritas.

Rehearsals will be kept to a minimum and will be accompanied by our usual accompanist Evy. Our choirmaster Andy Slater, will conduct throughout from a score which will be shown on your Zoom screen. It will be an enjoyable and relaxed event.

If you haven’t used Zoom before, let us know on the form below and we’ll help you set up.


Want to give it a go ?

Fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you with details of the Zoom meeting shortly after 29th March.

A copy of the Faure score can be downloaded/printed here:- Faure – Requiem (CPDL) and O Sacred Head now wounded here:-O Sacred Head, now wounded

Rehearsal files, if you want to have a go beforehand, can be found here for the Faure:- and below for O Sacred Head now wounded – just click on the one you want to hear. There are separate versions with each voice emphasised and a version with All voices blended.


Sing Faure with New College Chorale


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Youtube videos of the performance(s) that we will sing along to are here :